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Tanning and Sauna

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Get your sunshine here!

F4L has two tanning beds, a laydown and a stand up. Our laydown bed has 45 100watt bulbs and three face tanning bulbs and is a max of 12 minutes, while our standup has 60 120watt bulbs and a max of 10 minutes. Goggles are required in the beds and are sold here as well as a variety of tanning lotions from Uvalux.  

Our Sauna's​

Included is your membership fee is the access to our two saunas. Our infra red sauna is perfect for sore achy muscles and skin conditions. Our cedar sauna is perfect for the cold winter days, much like the infra red it helps with sore muscle as well as detox! We provide a towel service as well so come on in and get sweaty!!

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Unlimited Monthly Service


Per Month

Unlimited tanning sessions

Sauna access included

Minute Packages

Prices vary!

Drop in = $1.20/min

50 minutes = $52.00

100 minutes = $95.00

200 minutes = $170.00

Ultimate Month Service


Per Month

Best value!

Unlimited tanning sessions

Unlimited gym sessions

Sauna access included

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